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    Family Guy: Brians Guide to Booze, Broads, and the Lost Art of Being a Man

    By: Andrew Goldberg

    Date Released
    190 x 231mm

    Out of Print

    From the writing staff of one of the hottest TV shows around comes this latest book in the 'Family Guy' series. It celebrates Brian, the Griffin's misanthropic, martini-mixing mutt... ahem... pet dog. As the most well-read member of the family he imparts his wit and wisdom, and the hilarious and insightful life lessons he's learned while warming barstools across America, from Quahog to LA!

    In his tour de force, Brian Griffin's Guide to Booze, Broads, and the Lost Art of Being a Man, Brian breaks down what's wrong with men today—how they've gone soft, where they've lost their way in fashion, and why the TV they watch and the music they listen to stink worse than one of Peter's cabbage farts. But this essential guide also shows men how to get their act together again.

    As a true ladies' man, Brian's met all kinds—from classy dames to skanky broads. Share in his secrets on how to woo a woman, how to deal with heartbreak, and how to avoid venereal disease.

    Of course, it's not always easy being a dog. Between fear of vacuum cleaners and electric fences, and the overwhelming desire to drag one's hindquarters across a patch of grass, life can be pretty demanding. To ease his pain, Brian's been known to hit the bottle. Don't miss his tips on drinking with panache—including some of his all-time favorite toasts!

    There's no creature better equipped to tell you how to be a man's man than man's best friend. And, with all due respect to Scrappy-Doo and the Taco Bell Chihuahua, there's no dog more erudite or debonair than Brian Griffin.
    Publication Date:
    22 / 11 / 2006
    190 x 231mm

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