F**K You, Penguin: Telling Cute Animals What's What

F**K You, Penguin: Telling Cute Animals What's What by Various
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160 x 160mm

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In recent years, people of all walks of life have been forced to confront animal cuteness wherever they go: in blockbuster films, on computer desktops and, as pets everywhere have become more and more emboldened, in their own homes. F U, Penguin is a cry for sanity in these mad times, when cute animals are no longer relegated to the seedy cultural belly of inspirational posters.

But this campaign is not just about penguins, it's about every animal that thinks we don't know what they're trying to do to us. If we don't do something about this epidemic right now, we could be tossing yarn with big-eyed kittens and bottle nursing baby pandas forever. And, really, can you think of anything more terrifying than that?

Okay, so maybe cute animals aren't that bad. But sometimes they seem that way, don't they?

The book will be a simple translation of the blog, with lots of new material, including a full section on penguins. Loaded with black and white photographs, colour illustrations and hilarious commentary, this book will have you laughing out loud. It will also be packaged with the utmost style and attention to detail, making it the perfect gift this Christmas.

It's hard to describe what's so funny about a verbal assault on impossibly cute animals, but something is!

You can find the blog at www.fuckyoupenguin.blogspot.com.
Publication Date:
01 / 12 / 2009
160 x 160mm

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