Golden Gap: The Complete Guide To Taking Time Out Later In Life

Golden Gap: The Complete Guide To Taking Time Out Later In Life by Gapwork.Com
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148 x 210mm

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- Feel 25 even though you are going on sixty?
- Envious of your children’s gap year fun?
- Would rather spend the kids’ inheritance?
You are not alone!

Especially created for people over 50 who are looking for new experiences in life, Golden Gap Years covers opportunities for travelling, volunteering, studying, working and even moving abroad which specifically cater for the older person who is taking a career break or is retired but has a strong desire for world adventure, disposable income and itchy feet.

Created by the expert team behind the acclaimed website, this is the only guidebook catering specifically for the over 50's. The book is organised in clear, handy sections to give you all the necessary information for your time abroad, from deciding where to go and what to do, to obtaining visas, injections, and bookings.

The first sections of the book ('Need a Change?' and 'What kind of gap is right for you?') will help inspire the reader and open up the full range of opportunities to them, whilst asking them to thing about what they really want to gain from their golden gap year. The other seven sections (on travel, activities, volunteering, moving abroad, planning advice, and useful contacts) are invaluable reference tools, designed to help the reader plan and thoroughly research their time out before leaving so as to maximise their enjoyment when they reach their destination.
Publication Date:
21 / 02 / 2007
148 x 210mm

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