Hello, Higher Self by Bunny Michaels


Reconnect with your Higher Self and embark on a journey from self-doubt to self-love with the guidance of beloved self-help content creator and multidisciplinary artist Bunny Michael.

Hello Higher Self is a self-care manifesto that calls on you to radically shift your perspective from the Learned Hierarchal Beliefs (LHBs) we've all internalized, to the self-acceptance we were born into - aka our Higher Self.

From finding their footing in an art world dictated by social media followers to coming to terms with their queer identity, Bunny knows first-hand what it's like to feel like an outsider. It was at a real low point that Bunny first got in touch with their Higher Self - and ever since has been helping their followers do the same through their art and inspiring Instagram presence.

This book shines a light on 18 areas of life where LHB's often lurk - creativity, work, relationships, race, sexual pleasure and more. Bunny's mix of meditative advice, written exercises and personal examples make for a transformative read. While the line illustrations throughout make this book feel like a gift, the writing will make you want to change your life.
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