How To Remodel A Man: You Know It's Impossible

How To Remodel A Man: You Know It's Impossible by W Bruce Cameron
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231 x 155mm

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You know it's impossible but you want to try anyway . . .

Bruce Cameron, New York Times bestselling author and America's No 1 humour columnist and sitcom writer has written a book that will have women clutching their sides. You will wonder how the sexes ever got together.
A brilliant, side-splitting fictional parody of the self-help genre from America's newest comic genius that will have women roaring with laughter.

Bruce Cameron thought he was fine the way he was - being divorced and single was just a setback. Then the women in his life came up with a list of 178 things that needed improvement. (Bruce came up with four, including 'need a new sports car'.)

So begins a personal odyssey to change himself for the better.

Along the way, Bruce discovers the horrors of feng shui, gets a dance lesson from his daughters ('through most of history, women who moved like this were burnt as witches') and becomes his cousin's birthing partner.

There's a laugh on nearly every line and women will find some scenes very familiar - such as the ingenious tactics to avoid washing up, the one-upmanship of having a bigger and better gadget than your next-door neighbour, strange behaviour of the male of the species around a BBQ or the pile of dirty socks dumped just in front of - rather than inside - the laundry basket.

So does Bruce - the Changed Man - find love? You'll have to wait and find out!
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2005
231 x 155mm

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