I'm Awesome: One Man's Triumphant Quest to Become the Sweetest Dude Ever

I'm Awesome: One Man's Triumphant Quest to Become the Sweetest Dude Ever by J Ellis & M Tully

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230 x 153mm

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Jason Ellis is the new voice of extreme sports and a successful 'shock jock' in the US. Before he owned the radio waves, he owned the skate ramps, competing for twenty years alongside extreme sports legends like Tony Hawk. Drugs got in the way of his ultimate success in the sport, but he was known for his fearlessness.

However, originally Jason was a kid in the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. His mother, an alcoholic, was only 16 when he was born, and split from his dad soon thereafter. He was raised by his mother, among the parties with her druggie crowd, where partygoers tried to feed him crystal meth. And when he was just five years old, he was molested by a much older man. He moved in with his father after his sixth birthday, and he was given his first dirt bike, marking the beginning of a lifelong passion for extreme sports. It was from his tough-as-nails father that he learned to be hard and tough, fearless, and to take it all out while he's skateboarding.

Ellis moved to the U.S. when he was 17 to pursue pro skateboarding, and continued to live in extremes, including with alcohol and drugs.

It was the deaths of his father and brother that made Ellis realise he had enough. He quit booze and drugs. He got straight, married his girlfriend, and threw his efforts into being a good father. His success is now, in part, a tribute to his father and his brother.
Publication Date:
01 / 06 / 2012
230 x 153mm

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