Little Pink Raincoat

Little Pink Raincoat by Gigi Anders
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140 x 210mm

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Little Pink Raincoat is a collection of mini-profiles in shopping and romantic courage. A little Coco Chanel, a lot Carrie Bradshaw, with a dash of Maureen Dowd -- this hip, hilarious account from Gigi Anders relates her experiences with the dual obsessions of clothing and men.

It's a classic female position for the Sex and the City set. From one very fabulous and elusive little pink raincoat (to woo the commitment-phobe) to a pair of very persuasive peach panties (gift from a dazzling doc) Gigi Anders relates her experiences as they deal with the dual obsessions of clothing an men. Ten vignettes chronicling ten choice sartorial items and the ten corresponding boyfriends that would undoubtedly love her stylishly ever after, even if they didn't.

Gigi Anders spied her beautiful little pink raincoat in a Sunday Styles article, and, desperate to obtain one of her own, she proceeding single-mindedly to hunt it down. Six states and approximately seventy-five Gaps later, bliss in the form of a little pink raincoat was hers -- a weapon of mass seduction that would surely make her boyfriend swoon permanently.

A tasty, universal, uplifting, pop cultural meditation on the things we crave and the lengths we'll go to get them, 'Little Pink Raincoat' is ten short chapters organised around one freakin' fabulous and hard-to-come-by item -- either clothing or an accessory or a kind of make-up -- paired with the hard-to-pin-down man in question at the time of the sartorial-cosmetic love obsession, and the quest to nail 'em both. The items and boyfriends are all from Anders' real life, her real (extremely jammed) closed and her bed.
Publication Date:
25 / 10 / 2006
140 x 210mm

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