Make Way For Noddy Favourite Stories

Make Way For Noddy Favourite Stories by Enid Blyton
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236 x 288mm

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Get ready for story time with this brilliant collection of 5 favourite Noddy stories. This colourful hardback is brightly illustrated with Noddy CGI artwork, perfect for bedtime, story time, any time! In the Magic Powder the naughty goblins are selling magic power to everyone in Toy Town. Can Noddy and Bumpy Dog solve the mystery and save everyone from the goblins' powder?

Then, in Noddy the Rainbow Chaser, everyone in Toy Town is happy because the magic rainbow has appeared again! Noddy and Master Tibby Bear set off to find the pot of gold but the pair are soon involved in a scary adventure in Dark Wood...

Next join your friends in Toy Town when Noddy goes shopping! Poor Big Ears just can't get to sleep at night, so Noddy offers to shop for ingredients to make a sleepy spell. But Noddy is also forgetful and can't quite remember the six things Big Ears asked him to buy!

Look out for lots of free-wheeling fun in A Bike for Big Ears! When Noddy drives his car into Big Ears' bike he's so upset but can he mend it so it's even better than before? With Mr. Sparks' help he tries to give Big Ears the ride of his life!

Finally, there's a special day in Noddy's Perfect Gift. When Noddy wants to give Tessie Bear a birthday present everyone suggests something different. But Noddy finds that, in the end, his own present is the best.
Publication Date:
23 / 08 / 2006
236 x 288mm

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