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    By: Anton Myrer

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    The 1968 release of this underground classic saw soldiers emblazoning the protagonist's name - Sam Damon - across their tanks, and military officers across service boundaries at every level made decisions impacted by "what Sam would do".

    Now re-released, 'Once An Eagle' spans the years between the World Wars through the early Vietnam War era, following the careers of two brilliant military leaders: Sam Damon, a dirty boots soldier and hard-fighting field commander filled with concern for his troops; and Courtney Massengale, who manipulates the political system in Washington and makes all the right career moves for personal gain.

    The fortunes of both wax and wane through peace and war but the authenticity and power of their story and the story of their families shine through in this thrilling and riveting account of the brutal effects of war, love, death and politics.

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