Out Of The Frying Pan: An Autioboraphy

Out Of The Frying Pan: An Autioboraphy by Keith Floyd
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154 x 238mm

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Keith Floyd's exuberant personality, as much as his cooking skills, have made him a favourite both as a bestselling author and as a television presenter. In this book, for the first time, he tells his own story and it is full of surprises.

The stories from his childhood in Somerset are vivid and moving. His experiences of office life of the period are fascinating, funny and moving, in particular scenes from his time of employment on a local newspaper. In an hilarious episode he joined the army. After he and the Ministry of Defence decided that they did not suit each other, he took his first cooking job as an assistant vegetable cook in a Bristol hotel. The great period of bistros and cafes had dawned and Keith Floyd was in the forefront, cooking in an open kitchen, with Pink Floyd blaring from the speakers.

Those who have admired Keith Floyd's way with a whisk will now be impressed and delighted by his remarkable skill with words.
Publication Date:
02 / 10 / 2000
154 x 238mm

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