Passing On the Gift: Changing the World, One Cow at a Time

Passing On the Gift: Changing the World, One Cow at a Time by Mike Matchett
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Passing On the Gift is about providing hope and unlocking human potential. From the mountains of Nepal to the plains of Tanzania impoverished people are transforming their lives and accomplishing things they never thought possible through a program offered by nonprofit Heifer International. Many participants say the secret of their success is less about the livestock they receive from Heifer and more attributable to its "Twelve Cornerstones," principles that guide them as they lift themselves from poverty to self-reliance.

The book will tell the stories of people who made changes they never dreamed possible. Like the story of Sita Poudel from Nepal who rose from poverty to start her own nonprofit organization because she was so transformed and inspired by her experience. She went on to break down centuries-old caste system barriers by mentoring and befriending untouchable women. Beatrice Biira was a nine-year-old Ugandan girl who dreamed of going to school, but her family could not afford even the meager school fees. The gift of a goat, which she named Mugisa, "Luck," gave her family hope and income and enabled her to start school. Just over a decade later Beatrice is preparing to finish her master's degree so that she, in turn, can help others. The uplifting stories will provide surprising lessons for life in our society and inspire people to take action to change their own lives and communities.
Publication Date:
01 / 01 / 2010

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