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    Penguin Classics: Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde & Other Stories

    By: Robert Louis Stevenson

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    Stevenson's famous 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' has remained popular ever since its publication in 1886, and the title has become proverbial. The story finds echoes in everyone: the chilling tale of the respectable Jekyll and his infernal alter ego, Mr Hyde, explores the potential each person has for beastiality and evil. It is a measure of Stevenson's success that he demonstrates the sudectiveness as well as the horror of a life freed from all moral restraint. 'The Beach of Falesa' (printed here in its original, uncensored form) and 'The Ebb-Tide' are later stories on the same theme. Both are set in the Pacific islands. The first suggests that good can manifest itself where society's rules are not in force. The second is sophisticated portrayal of expartriate colonials struggling with the opposing sides of their nature. Together, they indicate an increasingly subtle apprehension and representation of human behaviour.

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