Penguin History of New Zealand Illustrated

Penguin History of New Zealand Illustrated by Michael King
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The late Michael King's acclaimed Penguin History of New Zealand is the local publishing phenomenon of the early twentieth century. Total sales in paperback and hardback have recently reached a staggering 220,000. King's text has been hailed for its accessibility and for being positive and constructive in a time of uncertainty.

This is an illustrated hardback edition in full colour in the same format as Gerard Hutchings' Natural World of New Zealand. To Michael King's wonderful text has been added nearly 300 illustrations researched by David Filer: photographs, early paintings, engravings, maps and ephemera.

David Filer is also writing the captions to the illustrations under our direction.

Note that there are only 300 illustrations, carefully selected. This new edition is not an 'illustrated history of New Zealand' as such. It is very much Michael King's Penguin History plus some illustrations.
Publication Date:
01 / 10 / 2007

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