Pinheads and Patriots UA

Pinheads and Patriots UA by Bill O'Reilly
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America is changing rapidly; some would even say seismically. As a dominant political force in our nation, President Barack Obama's actions factor heavily into these cultural shifts. In his latest book in a string of instant and sustained bestsellers, Bill O'Reilly embarks upon a detailed exploration of how the decisions President Obama is making, the programs he is championing, and the support and opposition he is getting from others will ultimately impact the everyday American. Written in the same no-nonsense style readers prized in Culture Warrior, Pinheads and Patriots: Your Place in a Changing America will name names and openly praise or brazenly take to task the most powerful people in our society and government today, declaring them as either a " Pinhead " or " Patriot" based upon their actions rather than their words. (Although, saying dumb stuff can definitely qualify one for pinhead status!) Comprehensive in its scope, this book is divided into five sections including Your Freedom, Your Money, Politicians and You, The Media and You, and The Culture War and You. Including behind the scenes information culled from O'Reilly's interviews with then candidates Obama, Clinton and McCain, as well as details of the author's confrontations with Congressman Barney Frank and others, this book holds nothing back from its readers.
Featuring impeccable research along with accessible and pithy writing, Pinheads and Patriots is an essential resource for traditional Americans, and all others trying to figure out their place in a country redefining itself.
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2010

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