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    By: Johnjoe McFadden

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    The New Science of Life

    How did life start? How did something capable of replicating itself emerge from the primordial soup? How did it defy the odds? And how did it carry on seeking out the very mutations that enable survival? Living organisms are controlled by a single molecule - DNA. Yet the study of physics tells us that the behaviour of single molecules is also controlled by the laws of quantum mechanics. The implications of this for biology have not been fully thought through. Until now.

    This book puts forward a theory of quantum evolution, showing how living organisms have the ability to will themselves into action. This has radical implications. Evolution may not be random at all, rather cells may be able to choose to mutate particular genes that provide an advantage in the environment in which the cell finds itself. Life, this brilliant book argues, is a quantum phenomenon. It provides a new biology for the new millennium.

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