Ravelling by Peter Moore Smith
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Other Titles by Peter Moore Smith

An Act Of Deadly Entanglement.

One night at her parents' party, little Fiona disappears, and a family is torn apart. As her two brothers grow up without her - trying to take care of a mother troubled by double vision and haunted by thoughts of her daughter - their lives begin to diverge: Eric immerses himself in work and becomes a successful neurosurgeon, but Pilot is tormented by schizophrenia, apparently triggered by that childhood tragedy.

After a schizophrenic episode, suffered while walking in the woods outside the house, Pilot ends up in a psychiatric hospital raving about his sister, and his mother and brother rally round. But in amongst his complaints of hearing voices and seeing disturbing visions, he makes a new and terrible accusation. As the past begins to resurface, the truth, unravelled by years of loss, betrayal and madness, is beginning to come to light.

Through a trauma of confusion and repressed memories, Pilot thinks he knows what happened all those years ago. As events start to overtake him and build towards a shattering climax, he risks devastating his family all over again, and fears what he may discover about those closest to him. But most of all he is terrified of what he might find inside himself.
Publication Date:
05 / 04 / 2001

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