Seeking Rapture: A Memoir

Seeking Rapture: A Memoir by Kathryn Harrison
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153 x 234mm
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From the bestselling author of 'The Binding Chair', this dazzling follow-up to her memoir 'The Kiss', explores the bonds of motherhood between four generations.

When Kathryn Harrison was a little girl, her young mother left her in the care of her British grandmother, who had been raised in Shanghai. To Kathryn, her mother's mother seemed an almost unimaginably powerful figure: an imperious arbiter of good taste and a master storyteller, who, when coaxed, might reveal stories of magic and a vanished world.

She had jilted an array of suitable men before concluding that she was not quite modern enough to have a baby without a husband. At the age of 43 she finally married, and the fruit of this union, Harrison's mother, was no more interested than her mother in being bound by convention. An occasionally witness to her daughter's growth to adulthood, she would appear sporadically in film-star clothes and urge unwanted glamour on her shy child.

Harrison grew up a spectator of the remarkable, striving to comprehend these women and yet find her own way to live.

In this witty, touching memoir, Harrison writes of the ties that bind mothers to their children - and the forces that can drive them apart. She ponders the legacy of storytelling she inherited from her grandmother, and peers into the deep well of family history from which she draws inspiration for her novels.

Reconsidering her past as she watches her own children grow, she recalls the thrilling risk of shoplifting; the longing for perfection that resulted in a fierce eating disorder; the thunderous fights that showed how impossible and how necessary it was to leave home.

'Seeking Rapture' conveys the aching tenderness Harrison feels towards her children, and her awe of their imaginary worlds, which no adult can enter. This powerfully evocative book will awaken readers to their own senses of motherhood, loss and regeneration. In prose that sings, this book chronicles the unforgettable episodes that form the drama of domestic life.
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2003
153 x 234mm

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