Sex, Lies, and Cookies: An Unrated Memoir

Sex, Lies, and Cookies: An Unrated Memoir by Lisa Glasberg
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203 x 127mm

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Carrie Bradshaw meets Betty Crocker in this fresh, entertaining memoir recounting radio personality Lisa Glasberg's misguided quest for sex, drugs, and as much airtime as possible. Lisa stumbles along the path of self-discovery using the only guidebook she truly trusts: her Aunt Ina's tattered copy of a 1976 Temple Beth Shalom cookbook. Lisa enters a double life of Jello molds and Jello shots as she dates her way through an urban bachelorette's unpredictable gallery of potential mates, all the while discovering the wisdom of old Jewish housewives who believed there was nothing a good brisket couldn't fix.
Skills learned in the kitchen parallel the lessons Lisa finds in her relationships, and as she hosts her famous cookie parties, Lisa reaches for comfort and stability for the first time in her love life as well. With her single friends pairing up and marrying off, the seemingly endless party life slows down as this baker extraordinaire is forced to learn what has eluded her for a lifetime: how to love.
Each chapter of SEX, LIES AND COOKIES ends with one of Lisa's favorite cookie recipes, with a sly wink-and-nod to the lovers they best represent.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2013
203 x 127mm

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