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    By: Dave Ask & Alex Normanton

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    Bored with his interminable commute, and frustrated by the mind-numbing tedium of staring at the same pointless signs and official notices from his seat on the 7.34 from Brighton (facing the bin and the emergency fire extinguisher), Dave decided to do something to brighten up his journey/life. What started out as a bit of personal amusement soon became an addiction, with hundreds of spoof road signs, warning stickers, and council order notices being stuck up around the country.

    'CLICK HEELS THREE TIMES BEFORE PRESSING BUTTON'; 'PLEASE GIVE UP YOUR SEAT IF FRANK WANTS IT'; 'TO SUMMON THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE, PLEASE PULL STRING PROVIDED'. From shops to roadsides and offices to hotels, Dave Askwith's witty and cutting 'art' is his futile but highly amusing gesture of dissatisfaction with the most woeful public transport system in the world and the inane protocols and rules of modern life.

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