Six Thinking Hats, 2nd Ed

Six Thinking Hats, 2nd Ed by Edward de Bono
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128 x 198mm

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This is the internationally bestselling guide to better thinking used by tens of thousands of people - fully revised and updated.

"Thinking is the ultimate human resource", and yet most people, convinced they are competent at thinking (like humour and sex) make no efforts to improve. Here Edward de Bono, the celebrated lateral thinker whose ideas have influenced governments and major companies the world over, shows us how to streamline our minds with "six thinking hats" - a brilliant new method to tackle any problem.

There is nothing more sad and wasteful than a roomful of intelligent and highly paid people waiting for a chance to attack something the speaker has said. With the Six Hats method the fullest use is made of everyone's intelligence, experience and information. The Six Hats also removes all "ego" from the discussion process.

The need for the Six Hats is based on an understanding of how the brain chemicals change with the mode of thinking. Using this method one major corporation reduced the time taken for multinational project discussion from thirty days to just two days.

Argument is inefficient, ineffective and extremely slow. The parallel thinking of the Six Hats method is rapidly replacing argument around the world. From senior executives at major corporations like Siemens, NTT, Prudential (US) to four-year-olds in school. From Khmer villagers in Cambodia to senior government departments. For 2,400 years we have been content with argument which was never designed to be constructive. Discovering "what is" may not be the same as designing "what can be".
Publication Date:
11 / 06 / 2010
128 x 198mm

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