Splash! by Jane Hissey
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240 x 266mm

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A trip to the seaside. A dramatic sea rescue. A treasure cave. And an endearing new character, the baby seal Splash!

Jane Hissey takes Old Bear and friends in a new direction as they venture out of the house for the first time on an adventure-packed trip to the seaside. Little Bear, as irrepressible as ever, goes off to search for his beach ball and finds himself face to face with a strange creature with a furry head and a string of seashells around its neck. Is it a shark? Is it a dolphin? No, it's Splash the baby seal! Little Bear has found a brand new friend and very soon the two are speeding through the waves on an exciting adventure.

This is a new, bright look for Old Bear and the team. Jane has used a vivid, fresh new palette to create stunning double spreads that bleed off the pages in a riot of fun and movement. An absolutely gorgeous gift book for Old Bear fans old and new.
Publication Date:
02 / 08 / 2004
240 x 266mm

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