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    For some, home is not simply a matter of place. Gillian Bouras comes and goes between London, where she spends long periods, and the village in the Peloponnese to which she migrated nearly twenty years ago. Unable to settle in either England or Greece, her life is one of perpetual journey, of constant goodbyes and starting again. Even in Australia, where she was born and raised, she feels like an outsider.

    This journal deals with the complexity of finding your place in the world. Insightful and always engaging, Bouras explores the divide that exists between cultures, between the past and the present, between those who shut the world out and those who too readily let it in.
    'Donkeys fret and stamp. Purple irises are growing wild, and here and there a bougainvillea is still in flower ... There is a conspiracy of beauty in Greece, and I become ensnared in the plot every time I am here.'

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