Surviving Adolescents: The Must-Have Manual for All Parents

Surviving Adolescents: The Must-Have Manual for All Parents by Michael Carr-Gregg

01 / 07 / 2012
140 x 162mm

Illustrated by Ron Tandberg.

Young people today enter puberty earlier than ever before and leave home later. The good news is that teenagers aren't impossible to live with, especially if parents adopt the common-sense strategies set out in this book.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is one of Australia's leading authorities on teenage behaviour. 'Surviving Adolescents' is a clear and very down-to-earth manual, drawing on his wealth of experience and wisdom. It has advice on all the thorny issues that confront families with teenagers - sexuality, risky behaviours, laziness, school and study problems, and much more.

And it is full of practical tips for everyday survival, including:

- communicating effectively with young people
- defusing family conflict
- setting limits
- keeping the stress of parenting at bay
- avoiding common mistakes like fighting over things that don't matter

'Surviving Adolescents' is the sensible, sanity-saving guide every household needs.

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