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    Teach Yourself American History In 24 Hours

    By: Robert Davenport

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    This book consists of a concise step-by-step survey of the great events, personalities and ideas symobilising American History, including:
    - the arrival of the first (native) Americans
    - the formation of the American colonies
    - our country's road to independence through the Revolution
    - westward expansion;
    - slavery and the sectionalism of America
    - the Civil War, reform and the immigrant inflow to America
    - our darkest economic hour in the Depression and the promise of the New Deal
    - all the World Wars, Vietnam and the "Cold" one
    - the Civil Rights Movement
    - the counter-culture and environmentalism
    - the 80s new conservatism
    - the space shuttle, and
    - coming to grips with the new terror now facing our nation.

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