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    The Book of Deadly Animals

    By: Gordon Grice

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    What's it like to hear your skull crack in a grizzly bear's jaws?

    Or have a hyena drag you from a tent at night – by your face?

    Or lose a fight to a pair of whitetip sharks deep underwater?

    Here you will witness the world's most bizarre and terrifying encounters between man and beast: the cougar that can clear an eight-foot fence with a fully grown man in its jaws; the tapeworm that grows to eighty-two feet in the human gut; the elephant that single-handedly destroyed an oil-tanker.

    Featuring the most formidable predators on land and sea - as well as the most gut-churning and inventive hazards that mother nature has to offer - Deadly Animals is a truly gripping journey to the dark side of the animal kingdom . . .

    'When it comes to the most deadly animals on the planet it is best to be prepared. With Deadly Animals forewarned is forearmed . . .' Bear Grylls

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