The Book Of Poo by Josh Richman
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Poo, poo, glorious poo! Everyone knows at least one person who takes an unhealthy interest in their own bowel movements. They were in your class at school or university, or shared an office with you at your first job, or may even be your own father, uncle, or sibling. You were kept abreast of the comings and goings of their intestines in vivid detail. They loved to discuss shapes, sizes, and regularity, and no matter how much you protested, there were always new updates to report on. Or maybe, just maybe, this person is you... THE BOOK OF POO is the definitive spotter's guide, naming dozens of species of faeces and what they all mean, using science, medicine and deadpan humour to get to the, um, bottom of things. It's only a matter of time before it becomes required reading in every loo in the land - the ultimate toilet book.
Publication Date:
03 / 12 / 2007

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