The Chronicles Of Narnia - Hardcover Box Set

The Chronicles Of Narnia - Hardcover Box Set by C S Lewis
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Box Set
406 x 554mm

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A stunning box set containing the complete 'Chronicles of Narnia'. The seven hardcover books are illustrated by Pauline Baynes' black and white line drawings, with beautiful full-colour cover illustrations by Julek Heller.

Just as Lucy steps through a wardrobe into the enchanted and frozen world of Narnia in 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe', so is today's reader - young or old - also drawn into the much loved Chronicles by the magical events described therein. For here is a world where a witch decrees eternal winter; where there are more talking animals than people, and where battles are fought by centaurs, giants and fauns.

First published almost fifty years ago, and with unforgettable illustrations by Pauline Baynes, the seven titles which make up the set remain among the most popular books ever written for children.
Publication Date:
19 / 09 / 1990
406 x 554mm

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