The Gunslinger by Stephen King
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129 x 198mm
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In this first novel in his epic fantasy masterpiece, Stephen King introduces readers to one of his most enigmatic heroes, Roland of Gilead, the Last Gunslinger. He is a haunting figure, a loner, on a spellbinding journey into good and evil, in a desolate world which frighteningly echoes our own.

In his first step towards the powerful and mysterious Dark Tower, Roland encounters an alluring woman named Alice, begins a friendship with Jake, a kid from New York, and faces an agonising choice between damnation and salvation as he pursues the Man in Black.

Both grippingly realistic and eerily dreamlike, THE GUNSLINGER leaves readers eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

And the Tower is closer...
Publication Date:
07 / 11 / 2016
129 x 198mm
The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger

The Waste Lands

Wizard And Glass

Wolves Of The Calla

Song Of Susannah

The Dark Tower

The first book in King's seven-book 'Dark Tower' series, 'The Gunslinger' will be nothing like anything you've read before. 'The Gunslinger' introduces us to Roland Deschain of Gilead, the Last Gunslinger on his quest to reach the mysterious Dark Tower. Western Gunslinger 'knights' meets interdimensional travel in an eery dreamlike narrative. You'll never be able to predict what turn the book takes next. Far from being disorganised chaos, you will need to pay particularly close attention when reading 'The Gunslinger' and the rest of the Dark Tower series to truly appreciated just how incredibly finely-woven this story is. Not a single detail is mentioned without reason - everything comes back to the Dark Tower in the end... A seamless blend of fantasy and Western, it won't be long until you'll be back for the second book, 'The Drawing of the Three'. - Caitlin (QBD)
, 10/09/2017
Dark Tower
The first novel in the Dark Tower series, the tale of the Gunslinger is an intriguing one. Written in true Stephen King style dark, fragmented, and creepy, this is a refreshing take on fantasy fiction. I loved the entire series, each book just gets better and better! Reviewed by 30ti
, 18/08/2014

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