The Devil's Double: The Man Forced To Be Uday Hussein's Double

The Devil's Double: The Man Forced To Be Uday Hussein's Double by Yatif Lahia & Karl Wendl
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128 x 195mm

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The True Story of the Man Forced to be the Double of Saddam Hussein's Eldest Son.

A unique insider's story about Saddam Hussein's family and the inner workings of his brutal regime.

In 1987, Latif Yahia was taken to Saddam's headquarters to meet Uday, Saddam's eldest son, and told that a great honour had been bestowed upon him: that because of the great likeness between them, he had been chosen to be Uday's double. For many Iraqis it would have been the highlight of their lives, but for Latif, a peace-loving man who did not agree with Saddam's brutal regime, it was not. He refused.

Following a week of torture, and realising he would be killed if he continued to refuse, Latif was forced to accept the role. After a gruesome training programme during which he was made to watch over thirty films of torture, hours of tapes of Uday, and undertake a final remodelling of his appearance, Latif was deemed ready. But it was only after the final test, a meeting with Saddam himself, that Latif made his first public appearance.

And so began his life as Uday's double - a life on the perimeter of the inner circle of Saddam's eldest son, a witness to the horror of his insane life of debauchery, excess and brutality, and an experience for which he almost paid with his life on more than one occasion.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2003
128 x 195mm

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