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    The Disappearance

    By: Genevieve Jurgensen

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    What do you do, how do you live, when your two precious daughters are killed, their lives ended by a drunk driver at just four and seven years of age? How do you stay in a world from which they've been removed? How do you cope when you turn to them to see how they react, and they are not there?

    Genevieve Jurgensen, a mother who lost her two daughters in just this cruel, sharp fashion a dozen years ago, took her time, and then wrote down what happens, and how she carried on. Her clear, precise, brief book is an exceptionally moving and powerful testament to the mark a life - however brief, however infant - can make on the world. Without ever being sentimental or preaching, it manages to make you, for at least a passing instant, miss two lively little girls you never actually met - and thus you have a sense of what it must be like for Jurgensen to miss them every waking hour, every day.

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