The High-Tech Body by Oz Garcia
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The First-Ever Global Guide to Cutting-Edge Body Enhancements, Supplements, Products, Techniques and Services.

This is the ultimate guide to body enhancements of all kinds from health guru Oz Garcia - featuring his Six Pillars of Health.

We live in an age of medical breakthroughs and instant global availability, so why should our medical resources be limited to our hometown? Whether you're looking for a simple herb to calm your stomach or the most advanced medical centre for knee replacement surgery, 'The High-Tech Body' is your ultimate resource.

Covering such diverse problems as thinning hair, impotence, cellulite, poor muscle tone, anxiety, weight gain, fatigue, faulty memory, compromised immunity, and dental flaws, this source guide defines the ailments or conditions, explains how the therapeutic strategies solve the problem, and then gives up-to-the-minute, reliable guidance on acquiring whatever product or service is called for.

Starting tomorrow, you can be on your way to having the best body you can possibly have. 'The High-Tech Body' introduces such health-giving products and services as power shakes, probiotics, super drugs, live cell shots, placental implants, cloning, stem cells, 3D cat scans, and genomics.

We live in a time when within a generation bionic medicine, pharmaco-genomics, biotechnologies, and nanotechnologies will have transformed how we go about being well and how we define health. This comprehensive guide opens up the whole world of high-tech health and shows what we can do today to look and feel our best.
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2001

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