The Lean Body Promise by Lee Labrada
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238 x 193mm
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Burn Away Fat And Release the Leaner, Stronger Body Inside You.

In 'The Lean Body Promise', this renowned fitness authority, former Mr. Universe, and trainer to thousands introduces the ultimate body fat-burning solution that will yield startling and dramatic results in just 30 minutes per day, in as few as 12 weeks.

Based on revolutionary principles Lee has developed over the past 25 years and which he calls "Banex," or "balanced nutrition and exercise," 'The Lean Body Promise' shows you how to shift your body from "fat-storing" to "fat-burning" mode, feeding lean muscle tissue while simultaneously starving excess body fat. Starting with a 12-week personal improvement challenge, Lee shows you how to continue your journey of physical and mental self-improvement and make changes that will profoundly improve your health and well-being for the rest of your life.

- Inspirational stories of ordinary people who experienced extraordinary, life-transforming changes in their bodies by applying the principles in this book. If they did it, so can you!
- The five foolproof keys to staying motivated throughout your fitness journey.
- How to eat - more than you think! - to get the fastest results possible through five body-transforming meals per day without counting calories. Get ready to enjoy what may possibly be the most user-friendly metabolism-boosting nutrition program ever. You'll never have to guess about what to eat, and you'll never go hungry again!
- Short, easy-to-follow workouts for the gym or home that will strengthen your heart and lungs, burn body fat, and most important, build muscle. You'll kick your metabolism into high gear, enabling you to melt fat even while you're resting. Lee puts it all together in a day-by-day format that will help you derive maximum results from short workouts.

Plus, you'll find all the tools you need to organize your time and fit the program into even the busiest lifestyle: daily and monthly success planners, a complete seven-day meal plan, Lean Body-friendly recipes, and instructions for measuring your transformation easily and accurately.

Are you ready to change your life and fulfill the promise of a leaner, healthier you? Let Lee Labrada show you how to make the changes you need to succeed.
Publication Date:
31 / 08 / 2005
238 x 193mm

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