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    The Man Who Knew: The Life And Death Of John O'Neill, The FBI's Embattled Counter-Terror Warrior

    By: Murray Weiss

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    The Life and Death Of John O'Neill, the FBI's Embattled Counter-Terror Warrior.

    The first comprehensive inside look at the investigation into Al Qaeda, and John O'Neill, the FBI counter-terror agent who warned that an attack like September 11 was imminent.

    For many people, September 11 was the day "the unimaginable" happened. But one FBI agent, John O'Neill, had repeatedly warned the US Government that such an attack was possible. Ironically, O'Neill lost his own life on September 11, just days after beginning a new job as head of security for the World Trade Center.

    As one of the FBI's foremost counter-terrorism experts, John O'Neill played a leading role in almost every major investigation of terrorism against Americans in the past decade. O'Neill was a dashing, larger-than-life character who irritated many members of US and foreign governments with his aggressive, hands-on tactics and his insistent, repeated warnings about the possibility of an attack on US soil.

    Disillusioned by his experiences with the FBI, O'Neill left governmental service to assume the position of chief of security for the Twin Towers in August 2001. Full of twists and turns, John O'Neill's tragic story reveals how one man's unheeded warnings came back to haunt the country he worked so hard to defend.

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