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    The Myth Of The Great War: A New Military History Of World War I

    By: John Mosier

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    How the Germans Won the Battles and How the Americans Saved the Allies.

    This challenging and controversial analysis reveals how the Germans consistently defeated the French and the British with losses one-half to one-third less than those of the Allies.

    Based on French and Germans sources not previously used, this book reveals what actually happened on the battlefield, as opposed to what French and British commanders and governments claimed. John Mosier, who visited all the major battlefields, describes and analyses campaigns routinely neglected or ignored and shows why conventional accounts of such major battles as Verdun are incorrect.

    He explains how German weapons, tactics, training and leadership were consistently superior and why the endless ineffective attacks mounted by the French and British with inferior weapons and battle tactics of the previous century resulted in mindless slaughter and defeat.

    Mosier also discusses the major military leaders on both sides - Joffre, Petain, Foch, Gallieni, French, Haig, Wilson, von Moltke, Ludendorff, Falkenhayn, von Mudra, Pershing and others.

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