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    By: Dennis Miller

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    "Now I don't want to get off on a rant here, but . . ."

    Dennis Miller is back and he's in the zone - 'The Rant Zone', that is.

    In this fourth instalment of his acclaimed Rants series, bestselling author, Emmy Award-winning talk show host, and wise-cracking analyst for ABC's 'Monday Night Football', Dennis Miller makes hamburger out of some of the culture's most sacred cows as only he can - with the kind of allusions that require high SAT scores or at least a smart crib sheet. (Referring to the layers of athletic tape wrapped around Denver running back Terrell Davis's twisted left ankle: "The artist Christo didn't use that much fabric when he enveloped the Pont Neuf.")

    This time around, Miller takes on Presidential pardons, child stars with rap sheets, women with bigger muscles than he has, herbs you don't smoke, God, and yes, football. As always, nothing is out of bounds, not even the other two guys in the booth. Hilarious, sometimes angry, always insightful, 'The Rant Zone' promises to be Miller's most provocative and bestselling book to date. With Dennis Miller calling the signals, comedy is never afraid to go deep.

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