The South African Story with Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The South African Story with Archbishop Desmond Tutu by Roger Friedman & Benny Gool
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Based on the 10-part documentary television series of the same name, The South African Story with Desmond Tutu is a travelogue with a difference. Created by veteran producers Roger Friedman and Benny Gool, and taking in all the country's nine provinces, it is a colourful tapestry which brings together the vibrancy and warmth of the diverse people of South Africa and the spectacular beauty of their land.

Who better to show us around than Desmond Tutu? The Nobel Laureate may be an international icon, but he is first and foremost a passionate South African. As he guides us through this astonishing country, he reflects on the history, culture and politics of South Africa, past and present, conveying a sense of pride at his people's achievements and carrying a message of hope for the future.

From the grandeur of God's Window in Mpumalanga to the wild reaches and ancient history of Limpopo, from the Cradle of Humankind in the North West Province to the golden veld of the Free State to the buzz of Jozi and Soweto, from the majestic Drakensberg Mountains to the lushness of the Winelands, from the stark beauty of the Northern Cape to the sands and cliffs of the Wild Coast, this richly illustrated book is a sheer delight.
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01 / 06 / 2012

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