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    By: Werner Loewenstein

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    Living things present us with example after example of highly ordered matter, precisely shaped and organised to perform co-ordinated functions. Where does this order spring from? How does a living organism manage to do what nonliving things cannot do - create and maintain order against the unrelenting, disordering pressures of the universe? Eminent bio-physicist Werner Loewenstein argues that the answer to these questions may be found by applying information theory to biology and physics. His enlightening exploration takes us into a fascinating microscopic world as he lays bare the complex communication networks that exist inside and outside the cell and sheds light on molecular coding and its central role in the development of life.
    'Poetic and encyclopedic... a tour de force... Those prepared to immerse themselves in the wonderful specifics of the precise circuitry put together by evolution will find nothing more authoritative than this book.'
    George Johnson, The New York Times

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