Touching My Father's Soul: In The Footsteps Of Tenzing Norgay

Touching My Father's Soul: In The Footsteps Of Tenzing Norgay by Jamling Tenzing Norgay & Broughton Coburn
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The great untold story of Everest . . .

Jamling Norgay, the star of the IMAX movie 'Everest', grew up in the shadow of both the mountain and his father, Tenzing Norgay. The first man to summit Everest, together with Sir Edmund Hillary, Tenzing not only took mankind to greater heights than ever before, but fulfilled Buddhist prophecy and came to personify the stoicism and spirituality of the Tibetan Sherpas. 'Touching My Father's Soul' is his son Jamling's extraordinary account of his own climb to that sacred summit, during the fateful 1996 season.

At the heart of Jamling's quest lay a desire to come closer to his father and to understand his Sherpa heritage and the true spiritual significance of the Himalayas and Mount Chomolunga. It had taken him thirteen years to reach base camp. While still a school-boy Jamling's father had forbidden him from making the climb, saying "I climbed Everest so you wouldn't have to." But Jamling persevered, certain that in order to make a true connection with his ancestral past and his Buddhist destiny, he too would have to stand on Everest's summit.

This is his compelling and inspirational story. Much more than drama, fatigue, storms, avalanches and altitude sickness, it is a sacred journey into Chomolunga, the Mother Goddess of the World.
Publication Date:
09 / 06 / 2003
127 x 194mm

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