Treasure Hunter by W C Jameson
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153 x 230mm

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Along with three partners, W.C. Jameson has participated in over 200 life-threatening treasure expeditions in America and Mexico, and TREASURE HUNTER tells the story of his amazing adventures. In the course of their expeditions, W.C. and his partners rapel into a Kentucky sinkhole in search of Spanish silver, discover a secret indigineous graveyard in a secluded pass known as El Canyon del Muerte, and set off for a rumored cache of outlaw Jesse James. Desert winds uncover the riches and remains of a slain Spanish caravan, and the explorers barely escape a mysterious and deadly curse.

From encounters with amateur hunters and drug runners to the U. S. Army and a silver-crazed madman, from rattlesnakes and scorpions to quicksand and flashfloods, TREASURE HUNTER is filled with the excitement of ancient legends and the hazards of a quest. Through the years the explorers returned with wealth for themselves, and always enough for the next expedition, but also with these thrilling stories. W. C. Jameson is a consummate explorer whose tales of discovery and danger will inspire readers with a sense of adventure and possibility.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2010
153 x 230mm

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