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    By: Graham Hancock

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    In 'Underworld' Graham Hancock continues his quest for a great lost pre-historic civilisation - and by going underwater, where almost a thousand ancient myths from every part of the globe attest that the ruins of a lost civilisation, obliterated in a universal flood, are to be found.

    Guided by cutting-edge science, Hancock examines the great mystery of the end of the last Ice Age. Using the latest computer techniques to map the world's changing coastlines, he finds astonishing correspondences with ancient flood myths. And when he dives, Graham Hancock discovers the ruins of underwater cities exactly where the myths say they should be - in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, off the coasts of Japan, in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

    Here then, is compelling hard evidence for a fascinating forgotten episode in human history, and a completely new explanation for the origins of civilisation as we know it.

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