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    By: Ralph Lazar & Lisa Swerling

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    It's time for you to show some gratitude to the most special woman in the world with a collection of artworks that are as funny as they are profound. She gave birth to you, clothed you, cleaned up your vomit (you knew you shouldn't have had that fifth pint), makes the best roast potatoes in the world, and she constantly tells you that you are the most beautiful/clever/intelligent man/woman that has ever graced the face of this planet. And she believes it!

    Whether you've flown the nest or are still at home squawking for worms, your mum should be the centre of your universe (or so she keeps telling you, anyway).

    "Dear Mum, thanks for bringing me up. I have decided to become a nomad. I was wondering if you could buy me a tundra. Thanks."

    Simple but bold illustrations with bright and cheery colours make these books the perfect way to show your mum how much she means to you all year round.

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