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    By: Jonathan Urla

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    Integrating Yoga and Pilates for Complete Fitness, Strength and Flexibility.

    Yogilates combines two of the hottest exercise techniques - Hatha yoga and Pilates - in a single body development technique which provides strength, grace, focus and flexibility - faster than when either discipline is performed separately.

    Why Yoga and Pilates? Because they belong together! The mind/body benefits of Yoga and the powerful therapeutic value of Pilates combine to produce an all-round, totally balanced, low-impact workout.

    What are Yogilates' special strengths? As traditionally practised, both yoga and Pilates contain some difficult, complicated and risky exercises that detract from the technique's accessibility. Yogilates balances the spinal arching of yoga with the core strengthening moves of Pilates, and pools the benefits of both disciplines into a totally safe, effective synergy.

    'Yogilates' clearly and simply presents techniques with user-friendly routines of several levels of difficulty with tips on when to progress to the next level. There are also tips for improving strength in key areas such as the neck, knees and back, and instructions on how to incorporate Yogilates into a healthy lifestyle.

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