2. Pencil of Doom!

The Pencil of Doom! Test:
1. Henry's scary new pencil has an eraser in the shape of a A: smiley face. B: love heart. C: skull.
2. The pencil is called a 'pencil of doom' because A: it used to belong to a boy called Doom. B: it has a very sharp tip. C: whenever it's used, somebody gets hurt.
3. Henry tries to destroy the pencil by A: eating it. B: kissing it. C: crushing it.
4. Henry's enemy, Clive Durkin, uses the pencil to draw Henry and his friends being buried under an avalanche of A: rose petals. B: puppies. C: snow.
5. Pencil of Doom! is the name of A: a horror movie. B: a computer game. C: a very funny book about a very dangerous pencil.

The answers to these questions - and many more - are contained between the covers of this very funny book about a very dangerous pencil.
Pencil of Doom!
RRP $12.99
Pencil of Doom
RRP $7.99

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