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    Before Your Very Eyes

    By: Alex George

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    Simon Teller - struggling magician and Cosmo-reading, gourmet-dinner-cooking single man about town - has been doing Conversation and Quiche for as long as he can remember, and all he's managed to conjure up is a number of awkward crushes and infatuations. now the women are staying away in droves, leaving Simon alone with only his beloved jazz records for company.

    Enter stage left Joe, the Houdini of the casual sex scene and the man who, in the cause of true friendship, is determined to show Simon how to pull women as easily as he pulls rabbits out of hats. Under Joe's expert tutelage, and armed with an array of cynical - and second-hand - seduction techniques, Simon embarks on a radically different approach to dating. But does he want to be like Joe? And if Joe isn't, in fact, as happy as he seems?

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