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    By: Theo Gimbel

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    A Guide to the Use of Colour for Health and Healing.

    We are surrounded by colour but are rarely aware of the profound effect that it has on us. Colour can affect us physically and emotionally, and it is widely accepted that the right colours benefit our health and vitality.

    Colour therapy is a burgeoning area of alternative health interest and this guide includes numerous experiments to help you understand the effects of light and colour, as well as simple exercises to help heal the body and mind. This complete, practical guide to colour healing by the pioneer of the colour therapy movement is a fully revised and expanded edition of the original classic.

    The book explains the effects of each colour and how to harness them for healing, for example:
    - Red is powerful and strong; it can counteract low blood pressure, impotence and fatigue.
    - Orange is joyful, cheery colour and acts as an antidepressant.
    - Turquoise signifies purity and calmness and can help with nervous tension. Turquoise also has anti-inflammatory properties.

    With this workbook you will discover:
    - The history of colour therapy
    - How to develop your sense of colour
    - How the colours in your home and garden affect your vitality
    - How colour therapy works with auras and the chakras
    - Why you should wear the right colour for the right occasion
    - How colour can helps you work with the Earth's different elements

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