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    By: Tony Parsons

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    It should be the most natural thing in the world. But in Tony Parson's latest bestseller, three couples discover that Mother nature can be one hell of a bitch.

    A hard-working trainee doctor, Megan Jewell fins herself accidentally pregnant. She wants a baby one day - but God, not now! Can Megan really bring a baby into the world when she can hardly look after herself?

    Megan's happily married sister, Jessica, wants a baby - immediately. But her husband, Paolo, is worried. He loves his wife, but he also sees what a baby is doing to his brother's marriage.

    Cat Jewell, the oldest sister, is scarred by the memory of the girls' mother walking out. She wants a baby - maybe. But what's a girl to do when the man in her life has seen and done it all before? Rory already has a teenage son and the last thing he wants is to start changing nappies.

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