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    Flamingo 1970s Classics: The Dice Man

    By: Luke Rhinehart

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    Reissued with a cool new jacket as part of the Flamingo 1970s series: the cult bestseller which could change your life. If you dare try it . . .

    The rules are down to you. The rules that stop you seducing your neighbour downstairs, that stop you hitting your boss, that stop you leaving your family and leaving the country. The rules that stop you living.

    The dice don't do rules; the dice do life.

    Luke Rhinehart is a psychiatrist, a husband and a father, his life locked down by routine and order - until he picks up the dice. The dice govern his every decision and each throw takes him further into a world of risk, discovery and freedom. As the cult of the dice grows around him the old order fades: chance becomes his religion, the dice his god.

    If you haven't lived the life of the dice, you haven't lived at all. Let the dice decide. And roll with it.

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