Four Dead Queens

Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte
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138 x 208mm
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A thrilling debut YA fantasy novel for fans of The Red Queen and Three Dark Crowns.

Four Queens. A divided nation. A ruthless pickpocket. A noble messenger. And the murders that unite them.

Keralie Corrington is a talented pickpocket. She steals for the black market in her quadrant. Her nation is divided into four regions, each strictly separated from the other. Four queens, one from each quadrant, rule as one.

When Keralie steals a particularly valuable item from a messenger, she discovers she's intercepted instructions to murder the queens. Hoping to find the culprit, Keralie teams up with Varin Bollt. But with Keralie and Varin each keeping secrets, everything is at stake. And no one can be trusted in a world full of ruthless thieves, black markets, a golden palace, daring heists, royal intrigue, noble messengers, forbidden love, four queens - each with a secret, and, of course, murder.

An enthralling fast-paced murder mystery where competing agendas collide with deadly consequences, Four Dead Queens heralds the arrival of an exciting new YA talent.
Publication Date:
04 / 03 / 2019
138 x 208mm
Quadara, a nation divided and ruled by four Queens has been peaceful for centuries. When Keralie, a talented thief, accidentally uncovers a plot to assassinate the Queens she must learn to trust an unlikely friend and herself to save her home from an uncertain future. Set within a clever new world this is a fast paced murder mystery filled with intrigue, love and revenge. - Leesa (QBD)
, 10/12/2018
Four Dead Queens didn’t hook me from the very first page; quite the opposite actually. There was a lot of description in the early chapters and I feared that I would grow bored while reading it. But as all of that fell away and the plot came slowly into the light, I was quickly sucked in and left on the edge of my seat. Four Dead Queens contained a unique fantasy/murder mystery blend that was truly unlike anything I’ve ever read before, so it’s no surprise that, once I was hooked, I couldn’t put it down! If you’re looking for something fresh in the fantasy genre, I can easily say that Four Dead Queens does not disappoint, with its intriguing blend of genres, complex plot, and several twists and turns that surprise you right to the very end. - Stephanie (QBD)
, 22/11/2018
An ambitious debut from Astrid Scholte, Four Dead Queens is murder mystery with some fantastic twists and turns. Keralie is a thief, sassy and brave, and battling the demons of her past when she inadvertantly becomes involved in a radical plot to kill Quadra's Queens. Racing against the clock, Keralie and uptight messenger Varin must uncover the secrets hidden in the palace to save their world. - Shannon (QBD)
, 21/11/2018

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