Get In Trouble: Stories

Get In Trouble: Stories by Kelly Link

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153 x 234mm

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A new, much anticipated collection of stories from the inimitable Kelly Link.

'These nine stories may begin in familiar territory—a birthday party, a theme park, a bar, a spaceship—but they quickly draw readers into an imaginative, disturbingly ominous world of realistic fantasy and unreal reality. Like Kafka hosting Saturday Night Live, Link mixes humour with existential dread…Her characters, driven by yearning and obsession, not only get in trouble but seek trouble out—to spectacular effect.' Publishers Weekly

'Darkly funny, sexy, frightening, and truly weird—Link can dismantle and remake the world in a paragraph.' Karen Russell

'The most darkly playful voice in American fiction.' Michael Chabon

'She is unique and should be declared a national treasure.' Neil Gaiman
Publication Date:
01 / 02 / 2015
153 x 234mm
plenty of dark humour
Get in Trouble is a collection of nine short stories by American author, Kelly Link. Each of the stories has been previously published in other publications from as early as 2006. The stories are varied in both format and subject matter, although each one seems to feature some element of alternate reality and have a highly original plot with a twist or two to keep it interesting. There are Summer Visitors of quite a different kind, internet gaming worlds, an internet date that goes wrong in an unpredictable manner, an unusual theme park, a pair of nervous expectant gay fathers, bizarre teen toys, weird pocket universes and an attempted suicide with a potato peeler. In these very different stories, Link manages to somehow logically combine: butter sculptures, dentists and superheroes; a surrogate mother, a gay couple, a bunch of left-over wedding dresses and a premmy baby; space ships, haunted houses and ghost stories; a jealous teenager, an antique locket and a ghost toy; pyramids, an asp and a pair of spoiled rich siblings; double shadows, twins, mermaids, iguanas and a hurricane; a Land of Oz theme park, superpowers and a childhood friend; a demon lover, an actress and a ghost. There is plenty of dark humour in these tales; they are imaginative, sexy, often fantastic and great fun to read. Fans of Kelly Link’s work will not be disappointed with this latest collection.
, 28/01/2015

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