Handbook for Dragon Slayers

Handbook for Dragon Slayers by Merrie Haskell
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129 x 198mm

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Tilda has never given much thought to dragons. After all, as Princess of Alder Brook she has many responsibilities and little time for reflection. When she thinks of anything other than her duties-or the pain from her crippled foot-she dreams of being a scribe and writing her own book. But when unforeseen circumstances turn Tilda's life upside down, she finds herself traveling the countryside with two would-be dragon slayers.

Freed of a princess's obligations, soon Tilda is befriending magical horses and battling flame-spouting dragons. But just as there is more to fighting dragons than pointing a sword at them, there is more to being Princess of Alder Brook than Tilda had supposed. And before long she is learning more about dragons, and herself, than she had ever expected.

Merrie Haskell, author of THE PRINCESS CURSE, presents a magical tale of danger and duty, perceptions and wishes, and of a brave new heroine on a journey of discovery.
Publication Date:
01 / 08 / 2014
129 x 198mm

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